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The Mohawk Museum houses items from the  Mohawk School District which includes Sycamore, Melmore,  McCutchenville and other boroughs in the surrounding area.

The museum has three large rooms that are dedicated to the history of the  Mohawk School District.

The South  Room

The South  room houses a carousel, geneology, a small library, Sycamore School items, Military Items, Local Business, Post Office, Bank and Rail Road history.  The South Room has one case that is a rotating display of interesting local items. 

The Entrance Room

The Middle  Room houses Local Commnity leaders, Indian artifacts,  photos, postcards, and historical items.

00885 Sycamore Grandpa Fagan.jpg

The North Room

The North Room houses Mohawk School District history and items that include photos, trophys, yearbooks etc. It is also home to Grasshopper (vintage baseball team history) as well as local athletes and heros.

01749 Paul Honsberger .jpg

Rotating Exhibit

The South Room houses the rotating exhibit which will change periodically. Currently the display exhibits a local logging company from the early 20th century and early Photographers and their equipment.

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